How I Increased AdWords Traffic by 100% in 8 Days

How I Increased AdWords Traffic by 100% in 8 Days

How I Increased AdWords Traffic by 100% in 8 Days
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Here’s the brutal truth about all PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns:
There are WAY too many people on the internet that think “paid ads” works, but I don’t have much money to pay for ads.


They say, “if I pay ads, Google will send me real clicks, and I will sell.”


I wish it were that simple


In the event that you are ready for your promotional campaigns, you have to follow some procedures on creating and promoting your content.


Today, I will show you real $30,000+ AdWords campaign I manage for one of PRO SocMedClub members.


My main motivation behind this article is to educate SocMedClub members with a real-life example. Don’t think that I expect from everyone here now so large campaigns maybe! The main idea is educating you on more ‘radical’ practical examples and that everyone can make their conclusions. I am doing the same work for any size of campaigns anyway. You will get a lot of better ideas which is expected, what is happening and how to be more successful with SocMedClub AdWords pay-per-click campaigns.


The good side of the story? AdWords campaigns still can work.

The Less good side of the story? You must be radically ready to adjust and stretch your initial strategies.


The solution to the example I showed you is not complicated. The most important was the psychology aspect between client and me as promotor and readiness of client to adjust targets based on conclusions that have been drawn during a promotion.


$60,000 AdWords Value Promotion

At first, this is $60,000 AdWords promotion in value, and client that is SocMedClub PRO member get the promotion that is 50% cheaper for $30,000 (click here to access the case study: How PRO SocMedClub member can get 50% cheaper AdWords campaigns).

However, $30,000 is still pretty large money. I can establish promotion, but as I from first-day note on SocMedClub Patreon home page, SocMedClub cannot guarantee results of the promotion.

I can establish radically low cost and quality promotional environment, but that’s just ‘promotion’ and there exist a lot of other parameters that are more crucial on how much conversions or interactions with visitors will happen. At the end of the day, nobody asks for AdWords that guarantee sales or results of promotional campaigns to anyone, but they are still the most trustworthy PPC source place.

Overall this, I personally really wish that my members succeed and that my promotion helps. I am doing best from my side and don’t just promote; I am always trying to advise with my experience and help more than just promotion.


Project Facts

Let’s go deeper into analytics…

  • $60,000 cost of AdWords
  • $30,000 paid from side of client
  • Start date: October 1, 2017
  • Duration of campaign: 90 days
  • Educational grant promotion is the target
  • Client must have successful response in minimal strict number of grant applicants, or they will not get required next grant funding round from foundations that fund projects of that type
  • Geographical target area: worldwide



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