▷ One Little-Known Way to Increase Organic Website Traffic Right Now

Increase Website Traffic Strategy

▷ One Little-Known Way to Increase Organic Website Traffic Right Now

▷ One Little-Known Way to Increase Organic Website Traffic Right Now
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Many people try as much as possible to increase website traffic.

Organic website traffic is when visitors come from search engines like Bing or Google. The important thing to be aware of is search ads that are paid for do not fall into this category.

It often turns out to be a difficult thing to discuss “ranking on Google” without getting to talk about radically high entry barriers and tons of other possible problems associated with SEO as service. Above all, space is limited, and every day it becomes more competitive. These issues have even been faced by the most talented of the SEO professionals.

How to get traffic to your website and/or how to increase organic traffic strategies are because of the ever hot topic.

There could be hundreds of reasons your website is not ranking, or you probably have fallen from the rankings, and on the internet, you have millions of good articles how to “solve that.”

In this article, I’m going to show you how to get organic traffic to your website using my own and little-known strategy.

All SocMedClub educative content is focused on finest and specialized White Hat strategies only. I am here to present only ONE strategy, and this strategy is really powerful and works. Strategy and approach are so good to work out that possibly rank a brand new website on Google! And you can do ranking pretty fast and literally “right now”!

Let’s analyze strategy in detail…

Firstly, you must understand that this traffic from Google (or Bing) can’t be exactly your “buying keyword.” It is “informational searches” traffic, where visitors look for general information about any product type. This is the first-time touch point with your brand, gets people in, start the interaction. They just visit your website and have a chance to see your offers.


4-step Website Traffic Formula

It is a simple 4-step formula based on specialized type research that can give you organic free website traffic.

1. Topical Research and Catching Trends

95% of the work you do here in research happens in advance.

The strategy works for any industry type. You must follow the instructions and do quality topical research at first. You must understand your industry based on recommendations I describe and targeting right topics.

Let’s be clear: Largest number of visitors you get from the internet today go into the trends! Trends in any industry.

The only way you can do it is to know what is really going on in your targeted market.

And be careful, keyword research will not do it for you!

(Sadly “every” article on the Internet advice keyword research as a starting point.)

You must personally identify future keywords, through “Topical Research” and “Catching Trends” methods that will explain in detail the second part of the article.


2. Building Right Type of Content

After you personally identify the future keywords, then the next step is building the right type of content around topics you define based on your research.


3. Better Linking Out and Citing

You can find many SEO experts on the web to advice you, “link out” your articles on higher ranking pages like Wikipedia or similar, and it will potentially evaluate your article as higher quality one.

In my experience, that’s too old approach long time.

The web today need better than this, and my best advice is: “The link denotes citation.”

You get information in your article from someone else; you are telling the search engine that it is not yours and you get that from “there.” Because you build an article about products or services that are not your original production or innovation. That is a pretty smart way to assign original image source.

People often see that as “nice gesture” only and ignore that, but if you do it the right way, it helps to rank and is a right behavior.


4. Updating

Updating and keeping article always fresh is pretty important. We are talking about trends. And trends are always changing. You must be focused on a long run to keep these articles updated and make you concurrent in current research for these topics.

In any way, this part of the job is more “sweet” because your article is already successful and you just need to maintain your past progress.


Step-by-Step Guide: The Website Traffic Increase Strategy

Step #1: Find What People Will Search Soon

Dig first into the Internet what people WILL SEARCH and then identify keywords to support that search.

Trend topics are very significant than keywords due to the fact that when you start a new website, you don’t have a site authority to compete big massive keywords (or even if you have older domain, many people again have still not enough domain authority by the search engine).

The only way to get exposure in these searches is going to identify keywords that are still NOT keywords yet!

As an example, if you put most of these keywords at that moment in Google keyword planner you will see that there are ZERO searches on them as they literally don’t exist because they are so new and not registered at all.

Because of that, I don’t need keyword advice in advance at all, because they are always based on PAST DATA.

We live in the social media-driven world; Google is secondary to social media today.

Google in backend rechecking what’s happening on social media!

→ Instead of looking for outdated keywords, you must look at the SOURCE and be the FIRST entrance into that content BEFORE other SEO marketers start to create content around that!


Step #2: Identify Products or Services that Will Soon Be Trend

Now go and identify the radically fresh product that will soon start to be a trend.

This is not so hard at all as it can seem to be hard on the first look.

The best place to do this is Instagram and SnapChat!

What must you do exactly? Recheck biggest Instagram accounts based on products in your niche/industry.

Find brand new, just published product names (based on their images) from the larger producer(s) in your industry.


Step #3: Recheck Actual Search Results About Products that Soon Will Be Trend

Type and recheck the exact name of that product in Google search engine. Recheck how many other domains are listed in the search result.

It is good if you don’t see so many articles or you see just direct buy product links to main sellers. Or you see products with many simple and short articles. All these signs are that you have real chance to outrank all these existing search engine results if you create a massive and quality article about exactly that one product!

Recheck the Google keyword planner: how much that keyword was searched? Must have zero or pretty low result, because nobody searches that.

→ But you KNOW that it WILL BE searched because that’s a big brand!

Your articles will be taken from the side of Google in radically high probability because Google at the moment doesn’t have enough quality search results based on these keywords at all. At these moments and in these “conditions” you can rank a brand new website on Google too!

Your task is to build long, and quality website article contents around these products now!

How to identify additional targets to build content around?
Recheck Google “Searches Related” section to enrich yourself with additional keywords that Google recommend at the bottom of search engine result. You are always trying to incorporate all these topics in your main article (and your main article has more quality).

But if your search engine results show that you are too late to find the product and is too hard a competition on the first search engine result pages, there still exists a chance that you can succeed in one of these targets.

You can decide to select one of best Google “Related Searches“ as your main target!

You will always need to make attention to that aspect as this area can give additional ideas.

Real example: in one of my own researches in the past, I often find that some items are additionally listed to related searches just because of a different product color. You can also say: good I can’t be concurrent based on the exact name of the product at the moment because is too late, but people search different colors for that item, then research these results. High chance is that others have “thin“ article content on these and you can outrank them based on these targets. You will discover that similar situation like this happens pretty often!

Then rethink: Ok I see that one color is in a Google “related search.” But how much other colors of that product exists?

And if you can’t find results on other colors of product on a search engine, but you know some other colors of products exist, then it’s better to find one for you! It is the same product, but other colors of the same products exist, and that product has low competition on the articles at that level.


Step #4: Build Quality Website Article Content Around the Products You Find

Let’s explain an example of a harder target case, where we discover that main product name is too competitive and you are just a little too late to start. But you find that in Google related search recommendations that “product name in a blue color exists” or any other additional feature of products that exists in Google “Related Searches.”

You can say to yourself: I will build a complete list of that product in colorways! Especially, because here doesn’t exist in ONE CENTRAL article source information (about every single color of that product).

Research the products of all the colors by the producer web pages and find the exact name of every colorway (most times products don’t just have the name of pure color close to it, producer give the additional word as a unique colorway name of that product).

As we all know (thousands of articles on the web just write about that alone): Article content with lots of words and quality content is what Google put on first search result pages. (If you have enough authority behind your domain OR if there exist not enough concurrent content providers at that moment in search engine results.)

Make one large and detailed article about every single colorway of that product. From the information about the release day over price range to other more and less important details. You know that people research for the price, color, etc.; just put all that they can ask for in the article.

Write 80-100 words about each product variation. We use “colorway example” here, but you can find any other variations in your type of product, sure… The average word count for articles on first Google page results is between 1,800 and 2,000 words. Your complete article word count need be in that range.

Let’s make a first “temporary” conclusion:

If you create 2000 words quality article for that product on the above-explained “all colors” way target, you will rank based on colors of that article (because you find earlier that there is less competition there). But at the end of all, you have higher chance to rank against main product direct keyword now too! You have a so radically good article about that product anyway now. And if you additionally work on backlinks and social media promotion you have a chance to outranks these more difficult competitors by the main keyword now.

Images of Products:

Find images for these products. There goes what I described in “Better Linking Out and Citing” section in the previous part of the article.

You don’t own these images, and Google knows that. You are not a large factory producer, and you can’t be the main authority source of these products. This is where you can have a chance to do quality “linking out,” avoid copyright issues and at the same time increase authority of your large article.

For instance, linking out to Wikipedia and the likes is what I can see on the Internet on lots of SEO experts’ advice is literally nothing.

Link to the source: Just below the image linked to the source place where you found these images that are used for citation purposes.

“Link to the source” example screenshot:

Link to the Source Example

Every image linked to exact authority site of that product says to the search engine that it must be true and all your “linking out” links go to high authority sites (as large producers and their support domains are high authority sites itself anyway).

So what do you need to do?

  • You need to find the right topic, what people will search for and recognize the next trend.
  • You need to compile all the data you find around about that product in your unique article.
  • You need to organize data on your web page that look good, easy navigate and read.
  • You need to put images of the product because people wish to see images too and you link out images to their source.


Increase Website Traffic Strategy Conclusion

I believe I am showing you ‘thin’ and real window on how you can properly achieve a lot by using targeted research to get organic traffic in today’s world when it is harder than ever.

Don’t focus on traditional SEO metrics that everyone advises as the main starting point of thinking.

99% SEO tactics you find on the web just don’t work anymore.

We are living in a social media world that trends are shifting and concurrency is radically high.

When you predict in advance a viral topic, you must not build lots of backlinks and promote a lot of the article around. Just post the linked article where you can easily achieve: to all your social media accounts, Reddit, forums strictly related to these products, backlinks on quality places only and similar. If you are SocMedClub supporter on Patreon, you can be promoted in part of your campaign ‘on autopilot” from our promotional services too.

→ Google will need that kind of article content you just created because content like that do not exist at all (or it is available but very little and/or too young weak content), and you have a high chance to rank high no matter what.

And that’s the great place for you to start building authority to your domain and introduce visitors to your main activities that are pretty closely related to products, then you are making high-quality articles. At the end make sure you add in the right column or proper place around that article links or short calls to your own “buy” product and services…

In this way, you can guarantee that the content you write promotes itself and gives you the highly needed authority and organic visitors to your domain name.

It is how you still can win, be fully legit and have a chance to be the “best” and succeed in radically crowded first google pages.

You still have a chance to win that way, and this is the reason I share this article with you here.


It Would Be Great to Hear From You

I hope you enjoy the article.

If you have any questions, please ask on Patreon in the section below the article, and I will answer any question that I can.

If you are thinking about hiring an agency to help with your Internet marketing and social media promotion, SocMedClub is someone you should contact. You can have access to high quality and not so known SEO strategies and have social media content “fresh and lively” without fighting every day for new views, reshares, followers from just from $10 per month.

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