▷ SEO Tools in 2018: The Constantly Updated Guide

SEO Tools

▷ SEO Tools in 2018: The Constantly Updated Guide

▷ SEO Tools in 2018: The Constantly Updated Guide
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The Guide with Listed SEO Tools that Works RIGHT NOW

This is the “SEO in 2018” guide updated continuously and quality FREE SEO analysis to have better search engine rankings in this year.

The Internet is full of very old and not accurate search engine optimization bits of advice and tutorials. Additionally, search engine algorithms and updates are changed continuously and are hard to follow.

I just continue to follow the SocMedClub mission to publish complete and quality content only.

You can see in this guide that I published my own tested strategies in combination with fundamental SEO facts that I get from detailed and long-term tracking of Google’s behavior in public. In this way, I can have a fact-based and really quality guide that I know is working and still works right now.

So if you’re looking to one place where are listed continuously best actual “SEO Tools,” that’s the place.

This SEO tutorial and guide is mostly in a condensed form. You can base on this guide do your deeper research and make your personal successful search engine ranking activities. At the same time, this all can be time-consuming for you, and it is like that for lot people.

I can do parts of SEO ranking and SEO link building job on auto-pilot for you through SocMedClub.

You are closer to understanding why I am on Patreon platform run SocMedClub as a place I can do part of harder promotional jobs for you and to connect together people interested in doing easier search engine rankings, social media promotions, build more traffic…

Before you start there’s one thing you must know, I focus on most important SEO tools, and these are knowledge, up-to-date quality information, SEO strategies and in-deep studies and analyses.

This guide’s focus is to give you these tools that you as a person know what exactly is right to do in 2018 with SEO optimization. Additionally, where I build own services that can solve some SEO problems instantly and more easily for you, I will note that and explain these unique SEO services I can offer to you without any buy obligation.

The focus of this guide is not to put on the one place farm of affiliate links to every SEO software, automatic bots or any other “machines” as “the main tools.”

Today more than ever, main SEO tool is knowledge, and whoever has this deeper understanding and know what to do, he can easily find, if required at all, on the search engines right SEO software tools in an appropriate need.


#1 SEO Ranking: RankBrain as the Third Most Important Signal

Google confirmed the existence of RankBrain exactly on October 26th, 2015. Also, in June 2016, news came that Rankbrain was used for all the query google handles. Google’s name for a machine-learning artificial intelligence system called Rankbrain is used to help process Google’s search result.

As the name says a lot about itself, “machine learning” is a situation whereby a computer teaches itself how to do something, instead of being taught by humans or following the detailed programming.

In Bloomberg video, it is pretty clear that Google just started with that technology and that is going to invest more and more in that direction. Here, it makes it fully clear that these sources are used in SEO 2018 when deemed necessary, apart from general Google search engine algorithm information.

Take care, RankBrain is just part of Google’s overall search algorithm. My understanding is that RankBrain is part of Google’s Hummingbird search algorithm. Hummingbird likewise comprises other sections with names well known to those in the SEO specialist and SEO expert space, namely Penguin, Panda, Top Heavy, PayDay, Mobile-Friendly, and Pirate. (Pigeon designed to develop local results, PayDay created to fight spam, Top Heavy designed to lower ad-heavy pages, Mobile-Friendly is designed to reward mobile-friendly pages while the Pirate is intended to resist copyright infringement).

Suddenly, this new system is now what Google says is the third-most important element for ranking web pages, from the Bloomberg article we can clearly understand the what RankBrain actually looks like in the third most important signal. From nowhere, this new system is now what Google says is the third-most important factor for ranking web pages.

From the Bloomberg article we can clearly understand as below:
RankBrain is one of the “hundreds” of signals that get into an algorithm that find out what results will show on Google search page and where they are ranked, Corrado said, a few months later, it has been organized, Rankbrain has turned out to be the third-most significant signal promoting the result of a search query, he affirmed.

What exactly is the function of RankBrain?
In short, it is a machine-learning artificial intelligence system that can learn. For sure there are multipurpose activities, and it is a Google’s long-term work in progress target and hard is a list and know all functions. Additionally, different rankings signals apply to different queries.

But you have few examples below to get the ideas:

  • RankBrain can understand the searches which people submit to look for pages that don’t have the exact words that were searched for.
  • Rankbrain can calculate estimation of time people spend on your page [Dwell Time]
  • RankBrain can get and “put into thinking” the number of people that click on your page [Click Through Rate]
  • Google did give us one own example officially here: “How many tablespoons in a cup Google said RankBrain preferred different results in Australia against the United States for that query since the measurements in all country are different, even with the similar names.

So you are aware of RankBrain as one of main search engine result factors.

#2 SEO Ranking: First and Second Google’s Most Important Signals

It seems for the first time in history; we now have the chance know a top three Google search ranking list more clearly confirmed. Only if people are aware of that, can ignore a ton of not so accurate advice on the Internet.

Andrey Lipattsev, a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, said the other two factors (except RankBrain) were links and content.

The top three SEO ranking list looks like:
1 and 2: Links and Content
3: RankBrain.

Obviously, Google looks at various other factors, and Links, Content, and RankBrain themselves each are made up of many subfactors. But these are the overall top three, officially confirmed by Google itself and this just makes our minds more clear and give the grounds for any other SEO thinkings.

#3 Organic Click Through Rate (CTR)

Now when we understand the three main Google ranking factors, we can go wider with understanding. Co-founder of Moz Rand Fishkin do interesting and publicly most known CTR test.

His test shows that queries and clicks may influence Google’s results more directly. Read his test report here.

Let’s be clear; it is not evidenced that Google is purely making use of query and click volume to rank web pages. There are as usual other factors at work in the complete algorithm.

However, without any doubt, you must be aware that query and click volume are important factors in every ranking on first google pages.

I just wish to simplify and make more clear basic CTR understanding now:
1. Let’s imagine your link come to first Google page.
2. Nevertheless, if nobody clicks on your result, why would Google retain it on the first page?
3. And if your site is being clicked on at all times, why would Google keep it concealed in the 8 or 9 spot?

I believe these three points clean any confusions.

Google must look at CTR in a certain way just from basic logic of thinking, and they have RankBrain that can measure that based on their actual search engine algorithm formulas.

Additionally, be aware that there exists a professional SEO industry studies found that organic CTR goes down since 2015. Link to Google organic ranking go 37% down study is here.

And sure it is pretty easily understood, why… because Google is pushing out the organic search results with Answer Boxes, more Ads, “People also ask” sections and more.

So you are starting to see the exact SEO 2018 year CTR status.

Your article must be anyhow more “clickable”!


#4 Content: The Best Content Covers an Entire Topic in Depth

Formerly, Google is going to evaluate your page to check the number of times you made use of a particular keyword. Then the Google spider would visit your page to check if your keyword appeared in your:

1. URL
2. Title tag
3. H1 tag
4. And other: like H2 tag and image ALT text

Although, modern-day Google is smarter than the way it was. Therefore, rather than just evaluating content, they now concentrate on context and quality.

What Am Trying to Say?
Know that: Google’s #1 responsibility is to reveal their BEST result to their user. And in many cases, the “best” result is not just a keyword-stuffed content.

Conclusion, the best web pages encapsulate the total topic in-depth.



Best SEO Tools 2018: The SEO Tools List

Above 4 points are my FREE SEO analysis with focus just clear all myths and possible misunderstandings about foundations of SEO in 2018. These facts are pillars of SEO for this year and valid actually.

I focus on the whole guide just to say all main and most important SEO aspects. These main aspects and SEO tools are key to success.

When you reach higher SEO level using these main instruments, and if you still need higher ranking on search engines, then you can look wider and “polishing” more details by additional SEO analysis. That’s a good approach, especially as we can see how people from diverse SEO information over the Internet often lose focus or just don’t do “main” requirements and are not satisfied with own SEO results. And if we know that SEO rankings are a slow process that requires months, then is easy to see how with the wrong strategy is easy to lose the entire year(s) and often people give up with own efforts after that. That’s one of the main reasons (besides increased concurrency) why SEO jobs are hard stuff.

Let’s finally focus on SEO tools meaning and best SEO tools.

You have the 2018-year SEO tools list below.


SEO Tool #1: Backlinks

Backlinks are still important, and I am put them on the SEO tools list as first. We have proof in above part of this SEO guide, that clearly stay that “Links and Content” are first two Google page ranking factors.

Understanding Backlinks Search Engine Optimization: Take care; I don’t say that you just must use the backlinks as one tool and that it will do all the job.

All SEO Tools from this list must be used for good ranking.


PageRank functions by counting the number and amount of links to a page to find out the estimate of how significant the website is, and it’s so clear that Wikipedia list that definition here.


So, start to be concurrent based on these ranking factors, you must use equivalent SEO tools!

It’s simple like that.


Last few years we heard the news over the Internet that marketers can stop their focus on building links. While it is a normal word that you must avoid unscrupulous link generating to rank higher in search results, the famous narrative would make us believe that external links are less significant in Google’s ranking algorithm in any way and that link creation can be disregarded safely.

How much and in what way are the statements above the key question!

To find out correct answers, I personally do search engine ranking tests.

My own study examined the top 1000 Google search results for close to 300,000 keywords. This gave me the chance to evaluate not just the factors that are connected to higher search rankings, but likewise how often these features are viewed.

Before I show my results, I wish to inform you that I am fully aware that correlation is not the only one final proof. Just because an attribute is strongly connected to high rankings, does not prove or disprove that Google really makes use of its algorithm.

Counting all this, when I was actually doing this last research for SEO 2018, I find a strong relationship still exists.

My total backlinks calculation shows that exact “backlinks effect” is 33%.

The relationship between higher rankings and the number of back-linking websites at 33% can look small to someone maybe, but it’s actually one of the highest “the only one” correlations the study I found in all my SEO research.

You must be aware that it seems Google has over 200 ranking signals uniquely designed in their algorithm, this is because one factor will not override others.

The one that is more simple evident is the number of websites I saw in the top results that had external backlinks, instead of the inadequacies thereof.

Out of the top results, the 99.1% of all websites had at least one external link!

The 0.9% that is remaining is within the margin for competitive search keywords between SEO analytic research software that I used and Google’s link index.

Therefore, if you are in search of a website that ranks well, that has no external links, be ready to look view for quite a long time. And just this one statement you can check alone in few minutes of research.

Take care; the study discovered many examples in which web page ranked is just perfect without particular external links, in as much as the website have external links pointing at it.

These are cases like the example here: For instance, put into consideration when The Wall Street Journal publishes a new page. This is due to the fact that it is new, it does not have an external link yet. Although, because The Wall Street Journal’s website possesses tons of external backlinks, there’s every possibility for the new web pages to rank higher without direct backlinks in the beginning.

Precisely, 77.4% of separate pages among the top results had nothing less than one external link from another website, which implies 22.6% of separate pages ranked without external links.

When I research the quality of backlinks, I found that Google’s algorithm changes on that level. Google builds quality tools to measure the quality of backlinks better.

My year 2018 conclusion is that all these “rumors” that backlinks are not so important anymore are true just on that part.

You must have and focus on quality backlinks only. If you have lot low-quality backlinks, you will be faster than ever be flagged as spam website and get penalization that domain name will hardly ever recover from them.

So we are going to clear the point that we must ask self: How to create backlinks for my website? How to get quality backlinks?


How to do Link Building in SEO way?: The 5 Smart Ways to Get Quality Backlinks

  1. Write guest post articles or guest blogging way
  2. Broken link building: find sites linking to the old resource and then ask them to put your link instead broken link
  3. Find competitors’ backlinks and “steal” them
  4. Provide reviews for others and get backlink like that
  5. Get your link out on social networks

I am doing the main “Smart Ways to Get Quality Backlinks” list just informative, as it exists on the internet, there is a radically high number of articles about the smart ways to increase backlinks.

My “actual study” on that level and your own study will make it easy within 24 hours how all of these strategies work in reality on radically low percentage!

Internet screams so lot about “Write Guest Post Articles” in last year… and what happens when you try it? Most of the blogs ignore you or ask too much money to post on not so quality websites.


So, what is the easier and instantly possible solution to get quality backlinks?

It is SocMedClub Premium Guest Blogging Services.


The main mission of SocMedClub is building on Patreon platform to gather together like-minded people and offer them my best and proven SEO and social media services at special discount prices.


SocMedClub Premium Guest Blogging Service

The Backlinks Domain List

→ In short, guest blogging is quite effective if you have in advance 100% right and ready contacts only!

And this is the only natural way backlinks building for boost your website higher in Google search results.


I and a small team of developers in my team daily contacts and communicate with hundreds of websites to establish guest blogging connections. It is a hard and pretty time-consuming job because we usually successfully establish contacts in less than 1% of contacts we make.

But this 1 % have “gold” value! Because it solves backlinks finding problems for everyone.

SocMedClub Premium Guest Blogging Service offers SocMedClub supporters these 1% premium domains for an instant high-quality backlink.

Usual discounted price is around $30 for one backlink from high authority websites and $10 for one step lower authority sites.

Best Backlinks for SEO: SocMedClub Premium Guest Blogging Service is a cheap guest posting service that can be solved in “white hat” way, all your buy backlinks and buy guest posts needs easily. It is my manual “backlink generator” service that can boost your website ranking and give you high-quality backlinks on the “autopilot.”

What You Get:

  • Real Traffic Sites: The sites we find are real, quality and often popular websites with traffic and real visitors. We don’t use any private blog networks for this guest blogging service.
  • Unique article content: 100% unique article created on quality websites with higher domain authority only.
  • Backlink: You get one Do Follow link per one article.
  • 100% Manual Outreach: All is just hard manual work. As this is the only possible way. Automatically is not possible to establish real connections and co-operation with high-quality website owners.
  • White-Hat SEO: SocMedClub guest posting service can result in an organic link and traffic growth only.

If you are SocMedClub supporter on Patreon, you can get a manual article writing service & backlink at the best price and quality around!

SocMedClub’s link building services: You can see here SocMedClub’s High Domain Authority Sites List to Get Valuable Backlinks.


SEO Tools #2: Write Content Like SEO Expert

As mentioned earlier, for every SEO ranking factor, you must have right SEO tool or better SEO tools.

Content is one of 2 first Google’s SEO ranking factors.

So, let’s show you a tutorial on how to write content like SEO expert in 2018.

All my SEO analysis finds that Google wants to see comprehensive and quality in-depth content.

And to be able to create comprehensive and quality in-depth content you must take care of main details listed below:

1. Comprehensive and quality in-depth content: It means that you need to publish content that’s at least 2,000 words. And in this way, that article content can cover everything a website visitor needs to know about that topic. If you want a real example of in-depth content, you can see this “SEO Tools in 2018: The Constantly Updated Guide” you read RIGHT NOW.

2. Publish unique content only: You need to create unique and quality articles, guides, reviews and similar. Sure, never use any “SEO tools article rewriter” or article spinner tool to try to generate 100% unique article automatically.

3. Keyword Research for SEO quality content: You need to make your keyword research in such a way that you will be able to identify best keywords. Best SEO tools for that are Google Keyword Planner or Google keyword planner alternatives like or similar. Both tools are free but Google Keyword Planner is classic and always recommended. In order to make use of the Google Keyword Planner, you must have a Google Adwords account.

4. LSI Keywords: LSI keyword is a keyword that is frequently related to or paired with another primary keyword that people utilize when they want to search. Today’s Google is not interested in the number of times you cram main keywords into your article, but take close attention to Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords. Add these LSI keywords to content because this helps Google understand what your page is precisely about.

Just most simple and quick example will clearly explain that importance: Imagine you write the article about Mankind, the human race and around word “man” have lot text. But we all know that exist top world truck and bus company with the exact name “MAN.” You can easily recheck alone if you search just word “man” first two results (in the moment I write this guide) are about MAN truck company, and the 3rd result is Wikipedia article about man as a person. Pretty obviously Google can go on “truck company” side easily and is pretty low chance that you are MAN company employee and write an article about them for sure. Similar issues happen very often, and Google was solving these issues with their more advanced algorithms that you must be aware of them.
If you are just using the word “man” in the article without additional LSI keywords, then obviously it is not for sure so smart SEO choice. You always need to add appropriate LSI keywords to create more precise “funnel” for Google algorithm. Especially as that word “man” can be used itself in lots of other contexts as for fun, health, human rights, film, educative or any different frameworks.

5. Click Attraction Words: In my own SEO analysis conclusion. Inside this how to do SEO in 2018 guide section “#3 Organic Click Through Rate (CTR)”, we are clearly defining reasons why your article titles must be anyhow more “clickable”!

Your focus must be better than concurrency and more clickable. This is because it is smarter than all optimize your title tag to maximize CTR. And “higher CTR” means you get more clicks and more clicks result with more sales.

I am identifying these words, and I call them “Click Attraction Words.”

How a lot of people easily find the best quality “Click Attraction Words”?

I am bringing down whole “Click Attraction Words” method in two simple steps below:
1. Take attention to AdWords ads that are connected with your target and related keywords
2. Include these phrases from AdWords ads in your title and description tags

Why are these words more proven and popular than other? Just rethink world’s best SEO experts and SEO specialists that work in companies who pay hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising select these worlds. They have limited amounts of words in every AdWords ad. Overall, they do many click tests, by changing words and doing any possible combinations to get more clicks. These words are usually not trademark protected; you can get and use these words as your “Click Attraction Words” just if you put the attention to them. At the end of the day, literally if that some of these words are not so known, they will make that word popular and known through their paid and repetitive marketing efforts!

Most of AdWords are highly optimized to get clicks. Just take care of them and use some of them as your “Click Attraction Words.”

If you don’t find in your niche any useful AdWords phrases, then check my universal list of CTR powerful words below.

The most powerful CTR words list that can be used as “Click Attraction Words” in any niche:
Free, Right Now, Now, Today, Fast, Easily, Step-by-Step, Quick, Simple, Guide, Review, Ultimate, Definitive, Instantly, New, Increase, X% Off, Cheap, Best, Complete, Most Effective.

Today’s people are just more only in a hurry or are bombarded with too much not so necessary information. You must be aware of that and use appropriate words that make your articles more clickable.

You have all most important SEO tools required to write content like SEO expert in 20018 now. And don’t forget, you must minimally use ALL of them. This is a most condensed guide. Think about all instructions from this section as a required one.

SEO Tools #3: Other Most Effective Tools

To round off all SEO tools and give you complete SEO solution, let’s focus on all other most significant and effective tools.

1. Shorter URLs: I recommend that people use shorter URLs because they seem to rank better than longer URLs generally.

My SEO analysis shows that after 5-6 words in URL, Google algorithms normally rank those words less and gives you little credit or you fade away one step main keyword effect.

Simply, when you publish a new web page, make the URL as short as possible.

If you use WordPress, you can set your permalink structure to “post name.”

In some cases, you can just URL put your main target keyword. It depends on your plans for your article.

Sometimes URL can be a long tail keyword as a great solution for content that is just focused on the smaller part of some larger niche.

Most usually use shorter URL that starts with your keyword and adds minimally few needed words on top of that, except you have another plan for that web page.

Any other longer URLs you can put for articles that you are not planning, so a lot to promote or you don’t plan to “fight” for search engine ranking with that article.

If not any other, in this way Google can have a better understanding of the purpose of your web page and better understanding with a search engine is just better for your ranking in one way or another.

2. Smart internal linking to own high-priority pages
In the event that you want to view a wonderful example of how to internal link on your site, check out Wikipedia.
They put keyword-rich internal links to all entry as you can see in the example below.
Internal Links

Clearly, they are free to use about 40+ internal links per page because they’re Wikipedia.

I suggest a safer approach: just link maximally till 5 (relevant links about that topic) your older posts into your one article.

This is a great way to improve your Dwell Time and to make your visitor more informed and deeper involved in your web pages’ structure.

3. Site Architecture as tool from SEO optimization point of view
Site architecture often can be the hidden reason for unexpected SEO results.

In short, the number one rule about any modern website architecture is to make sure that every page in the website can be accessible from maximally 3 clicks. If it needs more than that, then it’s usually not so good for visitor and just increasing chances that Google will harder index page or will make the conclusion that so far page is not so important one. Think like that and you will hard to fail.

Additionally, be aware the subdomain vs. subfolder. It is an example of the website architecture too. From SEO point of view, there is a big difference between these two. Just always is better have a subfolder. Subfolder improves your ranking and is the best way to go when you build one step deeper site architecture.
About subdomain, just thing about subdomain as the new domain from SEO point of view. You can go in subdomain way just if you are plan rank entirely different content (what is better buy the new domain in that case often). Or use the subdomain as an ideal place to put custom programmed control panels and similar web software parts of your projects that are entirely separated, and you don’t plan to invest time and energy to rank these pieces again almost from scratch on search engines.

4. Update Old Content
This is the most undetected on-page SEO strategy as I found.

At first, with article updating, you need to show Google and your visitors that you have more than enough new content.

Always try to do a real and quality update. If you do not think about updates in the past, try it now. It is surprising how after 6-7 months you are easy to see new ways to improve old article again.

People too often forget old article content and then it often just can go step by step down in search engine results.

Don’t forget to update all of your posts at least once a year. Content needs to be updated. Old, obsolete content is not very good.

5. Implementing Schema and Structured Data (called Schema) is a specific structured microdata tag types that can be added to HTML with the focus to improve the way your web page is presented in search engine results pages (SERPs).

This example search gallery shows you visually result how structured data can produce more rich results for web pages in Google Search.

Hummingbird and RankBrain recognize schema markup and help a search engine interprets the context of the web page content, and then it will determine the quality of a search result.

The Schema can add additional context layer to any web page!

There is no evidence that Shema and structured data have an effect on organic search rankings at this time.

However, this improves visibility and make your search engine result in more “rich,” and this approach showed improved click-through rates!

If you wish to implement Shema and structured data into your website, this is great step-by-step guide here:

If you need my help and wish that I am implementing Shema and structured data for you into your website, this is possible too. I am a senior software developer, and I am focused to solve any SEO problems of my Patreon supporters’ community. If you are SocMedClub member and supporter on Patreon, you can get a discount price and one-to-one consultation with me on this topic.

You have a complete SEO tutorial now; this technical communication guide document is intended to give you best assistance for SEO in 2018.

This SEO Tools guide will be monitored and updated with new evidence and my SEO problem-solving ideas and services through whole year as usual. Because of that, recheck this guide from time to time again or subscribe to SocMedClub newsletter to get news notifications automatically. Or better start to be SocMedClub supporter on Patreon and get constant and full access to all my exclusive tips and services.

I Will Be Glad To Hear From You

I hope you enjoy the guide.

If you have any questions or comments, please ask through Patreon message system in the section below the article, and am going to answer every question as much as I can.

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