SocMedClub next goal is published now

SocMedClub next goal is published now

SocMedClub next goal is published now
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Today, I am publishing our $10.000 per month goal on the SocMedClub Patreon home page.

I thought part of the day is good post so high goal immediately in 2nd week after SocMedClub just starts.

After a little thinking, I am deciding to do it because of many reasons, in this case, it looks positive to me.


1. Cleanness: Everyone from the first moment can see that I have a clear plan and technically know what to do next. And if I know it, why can’t you know it too?

2. Help your community imagine a better life: Looks to me like some fun on the first look, but knowing the goal that is possible make it more real, improving can be refreshing and increase persistence for every community member. There’s light at the end of tunnel helps for sure.

3. Know the costs: Knowing real costs behind quality private blog networks like that is good information. Everyone can have a bigger picture now and clearly know where we’ll spend most of your money.

4. Educational options: Defining “next goal” so early open place for many educational posts that I can post in the meantime about backlink strategy building and private blog networks. It will increase SocBedClub community members’ technical knowledge and give you the time to customize your own goals based on our community progress.

Cons: Main cons to me look like that goal is not so small, maybe it’s a better progress 40-50% of goal first and then inform the community about the goal. I am speaking from experience; usually, it’s better to work and avoid too much talk in advance from ‘luck’ point of view.

However, I believe based on the above listed four main reasons that publish our next goal so early is highly positive in a similar case that we have here.

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